Home Schooling Part Two

A little update on our home schooling Africa Topic – We have jumped like a Maasai, been on safari in the garden with our toy African animals, drawn maps and flags, costed up a safari holiday, sung Jambo Bwana on repeat, learnt some Swahili, built a Maasai village out of egg boxes and sundowners have become part of family life.  All in all we are very much surviving.
I’m not going to lie home schooling triplets is not an easy task and I take my hat off to all teachers out there.  After two weeks I have never been so glad to break up for the Easter holidays and I am in slight denial about the reality of the summer term.   Saying that our Africa topic has been a big hit and we’re having a lot of fun along the way!  We have kept our Africa lessons pretty relaxed and gone with the flow.  Last week they spent hours re-creating pride rock and building ecosystems for the giraffe, rhino and other animals.  It was such incredible imaginative play that I couldn’t pull them away for their maths lesson.
However, the highlight for me came on Sunday whilst out for a family walk.  Arthur comes bounding up to me with a piece of mud. ‘Mummy, Mummy, this bit of mud looks like Africa’ as he proudly showed me a piece of hard mud that was shaped like my favourite continent.  It made me smile so much.  I then asked him where Kenya was and he proudly points to East Africa, then Tanzania, then Zambia and South Africa.  It was a proud parenting moment and a memory that I will definitely treasure when this is all over.
I am loving seeing all of the inspirational ideas coming from camps and lodges in Africa and I can’t wait to include them in my home schooling after the Easter break.  If you have embraced Africa in your home schooling why not share with us your images of garden safaris, animal tracking or maybe a bit of twitching…