A little bit of Corona Virus escapism

Golly what a week this has been !! Never in my wildest nightmares could I have imagined the world actually coming to a stop. It has not been easy for any of us. We are thinking of you all and there to support in any way we can whatever it might be.


‘We’re in this together’ – that’s the sentiment and spirit in this cherished community of ours. Defer, don’t drop that trip” This is a line taken from an article titled ‘Why you shouldn’t cancel your holiday” by Juliet Kinsman in the Conde Nast Traveller today.


As such we thought it might offer some nice relief to focus a little bit on what our clients are so very passionate about `nd tourism plays a huge role in.
Being Responsible for Africa
Travel and tourism plays an important role in protecting our world. Our clients are shining examples of how sustainable tourism can make a positive impact on a community, its culture, its ecosystem and its wildlife. We are thrilled to be able to share a handful of exciting stories with you. If you would like any more examples, as there are plenty more, do let us know…
Tujatane was started in 1996 by Vanessa Parker with just 15 staff children with the aim to provide underprivileged local rural Zambian children, with a sound and holistic education in a bid to improve the quality of their lives. Tujatane is now thriving and has over 275 pupils enrolled and it keeps on growing. In more recent years the school has also set up various adults programmes too including the Tongabezi Trust School’s Women’s Empowerment English Club.
Livingstone Island welcomes guests from all around the world to have a truly unique experience. A percentage from each visit goes towards the social responsibility programme, Tongabezi Educare. Between 2010-2017, Tongabezi Educare donated 3.5 million Kwacha towards healthcare and education in the Kazungula District.
10 women rangers officially joined the team at the Olderkesi Conservancy. The first Mara conservancy to appoint and commit to women rangers. This was done not only towards gender equality and women empowerment within the conservancy, but also because the skills they bring to the table are very different.
The Outreach programme run by the Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust covers over 40 women’s groups (10-15 pax per group) and assists them with reading, writing, counting and gives them the opportunity to run a business and do it well. They also sponsor 68 disadvantaged students through school as well as running a school feeding programme in the area to provide food through out the day.
The Tides and The Makers
At The Tides it is all about the makers and the Tanzanian craftsman. The room interiors are dressed with hand crafted soft furnishings. The linen used in the rooms is Tanzanian grown cotton and has been hand woven woven by Tanzanians. Even our coffee served is grown and roasted in Tanzania on a local generational farm.
The Tides is part of Friends of Maziwe and one of their main projects is The Turtle Conservation Project in Ushongo, as turtles are on the brink of extinction in Tanzania. Green turtles are nesting on Maziwe Island in exposed locations which poses as a threat to their survival. The turtle team monitors closely any turtle activity, relocates nests into two protected hatcheries and raises awareness amongst local communities of the importance of a healthy turtle population.
Conservation in Zambia
Thanks to all hard work by the Conservation Lower Zambezi, elephant poaching in the Lower Zambezi National Park was recorded as being second lowest year in its 25 year history. Zambian Ground Handlers are members of a wide variety of Conservation initiatives in Zambia.
Through CLZ’s Community Engagement Programme – Living with Elephant and Understanding Elephant Behaviour Workshops were conducted, as well as 1 Anti-Snare Campaign and 1 Chilli Workshop. Through these workshops and campaigns, over 500 men and women from villages in the various Game Managements Areas were educated and trained.
These are just a few wonderful HW client stories and we are so proud to be working with such amazing places. We are all in this together being insanely challenged to our limits but do remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Africa is waiting to welcome you post-coronavirus and we are all working hard to ensure we stay positive, looking forward and ready to welcome everyone back again hopefully asap…


We will be trying to create some fun and inspiration over the next weeks to help with a snippet of escapism from this crazy reality we are facing.


In the mean time, if there is anything we can help you with or if you you would like to just have a good rant, catch up or skype soon then just call or drop us a line info@honourway.com


Good luck and do stay positive during this incredibly bizarre yet challenging time.