Anabezi Season Highlights

As we race towards the end of the year, another fantastic season comes to a close in the Lower Zambezi at Anabezi & Amanzi Camps.

2016 was the first full season for Amanzi Camp and this most Easterly Camp of the Lower Zambezi has hit the travel scene with a huge bang offering fabulous feedback and rapidly gaining popularity.

Amanzi Camp enjoys it's first full season

Important Points:

  • In 2017 – Anabezi & Amanzi Camps will both run on solar power
  • Direct flights from Jeki to Mfuwe start June 2017
  • 3 for 2 special until 1st April 2017 then becoming a 4 for 3.
  • New website Take a look !!
  • Conservation Lower Zambezi opens base at Kulefu Airstrip to better protect the Eastern part of the park.
  • 2017 Opening Dates: Anabezi Camp – 1st April and Amanzi Camp – 1st May.

Anabezi Camp has also enjoyed a successful season with spectacular sightings right around camp and with it’s private plunge pools offers the perfect respite from the rather more hotter climes we had in October / November time. This is certainly worth remembering for clients traveling at this hotter time of year.


The joy of the Lower Zambezi is the variety of activities on offer where guests really get to explore on land AND water. There are so many aspects, which make this area so breathtakingly unique. The landscape with beautiful mountainous escarpment coming down to the Mighty Zambezi River, the magnificent winterthorn trees dotted along the river’s edge, the channels breaking off from the main river open for exploring by gentle canoe allowing guests to spot all manner of sightings gently floating along and really living the peace of the bush and it’s sounds. I could go on waxing lyrical about this area but I think guests should really come and find out for themselves.


In case you need any more convincing, here a reminder why the Lower Zambezi is one of my most favourite destinations in Africa…