Ant Africa Safaris


Ant Africa Safaris offers an extraordinary safari experience in South Africa’s malaria-free Waterberg region. Spanning 12,500 acres, this private game reserve boasts 12 distinct ecological zones, from grassy plains to thick bushveld, and supports over 40 species of game, including giraffe, white rhino, and the rare sable and roan antelope. Owned and operated by Ant Baber, the reserve emphasises sustainable tourism and community involvement.


Guests can explore the wildlife-rich landscapes on horseback, by foot, or in game vehicles. Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill, the two lodges on the reserve, provide luxurious accommodation blending traditional African design with modern amenities. Each lodge offers spacious verandas, private pools, and stunning views, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Dining at Ant Africa Safaris is a highlight, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients in meals often enjoyed alfresco under the African sky. The reserve also offers various recreational activities, including mountain biking, fishing, and guided bush walks. Horseback safaris cater to all skill levels, providing a unique opportunity to ride alongside giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife.

Ant Africa Safaris is deeply committed to conservation, supporting local education and development projects. Guests are encouraged to participate in eco-friendly activities, such as game capture and relocation, enhancing their connection to the natural environment.

The Waterberg region, recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, adds to the allure of Ant Africa Safaris. Its rich biodiversity, stunning vistas, and cultural heritage make it a must-visit destination. The area has been inhabited for at least 2000 years, with numerous archaeological sites and bushman paintings available for exploration.


Ant Africa Safaris offers a luxurious and personalized experience, blending adventure with relaxation. With exceptional accommodations, diverse activities, and a commitment to sustainability, it is the ideal destination for discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable African adventure.