AWS New Fly Camping Offering

After 7 years of a great working relationship together, AWS and Honour Way have come to the mutual decision to part ways. Effective immediately, European marketing will be handled in house by Candice at and Alex at


On that note I would like to take you into the last Honour Way – AWS newspost.

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Alex Walker’s Serian would like to introduce our new adventure fly camping offering in the Serengeti National Park.


In addition to our current fly-camping options, clients can now also enjoy their own private, excusive fly camp adventure at no additional cost. When clients choose to forgo their tent in the main camp, we will absorb the cost of the specialist walking guide that is required for this activity.

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While our camps are already considered to be very remote, walking takes you even further off the beaten track, in fact off any track entirely…The luxury lies in getting away from cars, people, and all signs of other humans entirely.


In the company of Specialist Walking Guides: Alex, Chris, John or Adrian, as well as your guide and spotter, you are in the best possible hands to have this magical terrain and all its hidden meanings unveiled to you. ‘Book’ knowledge (latin names, scientific explanations, details taught in courses) interweaves seamlessly with the inherent bush lore of your guides, who have lived this land and learned its ways over centuries. As you walk deeper into the wilderness, these two layers of meaning meld to lay open the secrets of your environment.

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The key is in the gradual nature of your exploration: a progressive immersion where time is marked not by a ticking watch but by the sun’s lazy arc across the sky taking you to a deeper connection with your surroundings. Your senses thrum to life, widening your perceptive capacities to their fullest function, accentuated by the deep peace and silence of wide-open spaces.


For those concerned that hiking sounds like hard work, the pace is set by you, and is punctuated by plenty of stops along the way to discover, learn and marvel at the infinite fascinations you will chance upon. And at the day’s end, creature comforts await: a cosy bed, warm bucket showers, and a hearty meal around the campfire as you gaze up at the stars.

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From Alex and Candice – We have really enjoyed working with Honour and thank her for her hard work in promoting our properties.


From Honour – It has been a total pleasure working with such a special group of camps, which will always hold a special place.


Alex and Candice will be at ILTM Africa and WAA in Cape Town so please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello at either of the shows.


For all further enquiries please contact Candice at