Going Green at Honour Way

We are hugely proud to be working with clients who fully embrace the responsibility of looking after the beautiful environments they are located in and communities around them and we want to share with you just some of the amazing work that each of them do…



Anabezi buy and sell beaded necklaces made by local village women in the curio shop. The support given to some of these local women is the only income they have for their families. Anabezi also donates to Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) to assist the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) fund their patrols. CLZ also assist in the treatment of injured animals and rescued orphaned elephants that are then looked after by Elephant Orphanage project in Lusaka.Furthermore contributions made go towards local schools and community environmental education working with 50 schools in the local area, supporting and training teachers and providing outreach curriculums. CLZ now runs the Lower Zambezi Safari Guide training and exams annually and frequently offers sponsorship to local candidates when funds are available.

Anabezi also sell Best Foot Forward sunlamps. These proceeds go to providing solar lamps for communities who are situated in off grid areas and need light.



As a general, Ila Safari Lodge is the first of it’s kind in Zambia owning an electric game drive vehicle (E-andy) as well as an E-boat which allows guests to experience the bush in an unobtrusive and eco-friendly completely silent manner. The lodge is off-grid with power supplied by a state-of-the-art solar system and operating 100% on this. Waste is recycled through an ingenious biogas plant with their own sewage treatment centre.


Green Safaris has also opened a community-farming project near the Nalusanga Gate. This project is aimed at benefitting the local communities by providing them with alternative food sources and giving them the opportunity to sell the excess to lodges and at the local market.


From 2017 Ila has partnered with the Chunga Ladies Club (nearest community) to offer community trips and lunches at their village.



As an integral part of the community from the outset, Kaya Mawa has been involved in various projects and development within the community including amongst others piping fresh water to the villages and feeding programs. Kaya Mawa has assisted in the schooling of over 1000 children, planting some 500 trees per annum, and backing the establishment of Katundu a local arts and crafts business which employs single mothers


Founder & manager of Katundu Textiles, Suzie Lightfoot has been the backbone of the creation and design of all the soft furnishings at Kaya Mawa (and now Latitude Hotels). Katundu is a creative, ethical, workshop situated on the idyllic Likoma Island, designing and creating luxury items empowering women and through them also the local community.



Latitude Hotels sees its relationship with the local economy as a symbiotic one, therefore corporate social responsibility and sustainability is at the very heart of the brand. In the design, build and development phase the group have used local architects, local labour, local interior design, local subcontractors, and sourced local materials, arts and crafts wherever possible. This philosophy transcends to day-to-day operations.


Furthermore the intention is to leave a low carbon footprint through water purification (they bottle their own water) and their recycling project. The group backs the Katundu Project, an establishment of local arts and crafts business employing single mothers on Likoma Island supplying Latitude 13° & 15°’s lampshades, light fittings and soft furnishings. All glass bottles used in the hotels are sent to Likoma and turned into arts and crafts for reuse on the properties



Tujatane School is at the heart of Tongabezi celebrating their 21st anniversary this May having grown to a primary school with over 300 pupils. The school has charity status in the UK and is completely funded on donations and provides education to children the immediate local communities. The very nature of a bush school lends itself to ticking many green choice boxes too! The uniforms are continuously recycled, as well as books and educational supplies. A contribution of all Livingstone Island income also goes towards providing better Mukuni Village teacher housing in town as well.
Tongabezi also features its own organic garden where produce is picked daily and prepared by chefs. A custom-made purification plant and Vivreau bottling system saves over 20,000 plastic water bottles and 2,000 tin cans annually.


Sindabezi is powered by solar energy with paraffin lamp supplements. The waste water system pump is also solar powered. The entire Sindabezi has no grid dependency as even cooking is done with gas.


Zambia has a life expectancy of 39 years and the majority of the 1.1. Million orphans in the country suffer their status as a result of HIV/AIDS. Tongabezi Lodge staff has joined the Aids Council of Zambia and Share (An American funded Public Private Partnership) in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.The project has succeeded in breaking the silence and enabling more staff to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing and if need be Anti-Retroviral Treatment. The success of our program is especially evident in the fact that HIV/AIDS is becoming something everyone feels comfortable discussing around the lunch table



Elewana & CPS run The Land & Life Foundation. They work with communities and conservation projects in the areas surrounding Elewana’s properties as well as hiring local people where possible for all of their camps. With all operational costs covered by Elewana, 100% of every single donation goes straight to benefitting the communities, schools and wildlife in the areas where they work.
In Kenya and Tanzania they have been pioneers in supporting “Parks Beyond Parks” – conservation areas that lie outside of nationally protected parks. In total, they play a keystone role in protecting land extending to over 1.36 million acres.


Each camp has it’s own initiatives individual to each camp and the area. They are supporting operations in conservation areas across Kenya and Tanzania, including initiatives from anti-poaching in Amboseli and human-elephant conflict mitigation in Tarangire, to turtle conservation in Diani and Zanzibar.


In the past couple of years, Land & Life has provided free healthcare to over 1,285 patients, as well as trained clinicians from 5 clinics across Kenya, serving nearly 40,000 people. They also support 5 schools around the country, to which they have donated well over $300,000 in stationary supplies, books, desks, sports equipment and kits, uniforms, classrooms, kitchens, drought-relief food provisions and scholarships over the past 5 years, all thanks to the generosity of our guests.



Kambaku Safari Lodge is fully solar powered and off grid. They are the only totally solar powered camp in the Timbavati, currently also in the testing phase of changing over to solar at Kambaku River sands.


Kambaku Lodges stock lots of locally made items in the curio shop including items made by their own staff to support them earning an extra income as well as annually donating to the Timbavati mobile clinic that offers a medical service to Kambaku employees.


At both lodges eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable are used and working at changing all amenities to eco-friendly products. Each guest’s levy paid goes towards the management of the reserve and currently in particularly the protection of rhino. Kambaku Lodges have also donated to 2 rhino chipping events where 7 rhino in total were micro chipped in their horn, paid for by the lodge


This is just a snapshot of some of the amazing work our clients do, but if you would like more information, please do visit our website at www.honourway.com



Honour & Francesca


Tongabezi, Kaya Mawa, Elewana & CPS will all be attending PURE this October. If you do not have a meeting with them, please pop by and say hello