More flights to Kaya Mawa

Great news for visitors to Kaya Mawa, that an additional 2 flights each day have been added to the Ulendo Airlink schedules for 2015.  The new flights are from Likoma to Lilongwe to enable guests to connect to morning or afternoon departures from LLW and means that there are now 14 flights per week between Likoma and Lilongwe.


To make the most of a Malawi visit there are also 4 flights per week between Likoma and the Southern Lakeshore and onward connections to Mvuu and Majete.  So now it is much easier to link Majete with Kaya Mawa and Mvuu with Kaya Mawa 4 days per week.

Voted in the top ten 'Most Romantic Places in the World' by Conde Nast and in the Tatler top 101 Hotels in the World.

There has been an increase in Mfuwe to Lilongwe flights to offer daily flights in both directions with connections onto Likoma.  There will not be any direct Mfuwe to Likoma scheduled flights for 2015.


Don’t forget there are also the non schedules flights that are for guests wishing to travel outside scheduled operating times and on routes where there is not a scheduled service.  These flights based on a minimum of 2 people.


With so many flights, try a visit to Kaya Mawa for your perfect beach break on the Lake.  See you there soon!