Responsibility and Sustainability never stops

“No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.” David Attenborough


The past months have been an incredibly tough time for the travel industry and for conservation. It has never been more apparent the essential role that sustainable and responsible travel plays in protecting African wilderness and the wildlife that lives within its perimeters. We’re proud to be working with some incredible clients who have conservation and communities as their core ethic and are working hard to support both through out the Covid Pandemic.


We’ve included some updates below of life on the ground right now, as well as important covid measures that are now in place for when travel restrictions are lifted from Europe. Although there are travel restrictions in place from the UK and the rest of Europe at the moment, hopefully travel corridors will be established between Africa and Europe in the near future. Kenya is opening its borders to international visitors and Kenya Airways are resuming their flights from 1st August. Cottar’s will also be opening up the 1920s Camp and the Bush Villa. Zambia has been open to international visitors for the past two weeks and Ila Safari Lodge are currently open to guests. To view our clients’ Covid Protocols please click here
Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust
Despite the lack of guests it has been a busy and exciting time on the Olderkesi Conservancy and for Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust. The newly trained women rangers are now officially employed and we must say a huge thank to The Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association who have helped fund their salaries and food rations for the year. They are now hard at work implementing exciting new projects – one of which is a bee farming initiative. Each ranger can can choose an old key stone tree species for their bee hive. The aim is to protect old keystone trees in the community conservancy by regular ranger visits, as well as providing an additional income for the ranger and their families from the honey.
Walk Luangwa 2020 and Zambian Ground Handlers
Walk Luangwa is an epic 350km journey through the North and South Luangwa National Parks, which will take place over 17 days. The idea is to raise vital funds for three charities and 3 conservation groups within the Luangwa. The sponsorship funds will be divided between Project Luangwa, Tafika Fund, Charity begins at Home, Zambian Carnivore programme, North Luangwa Conservation Programme and Conservation South Luangwa. Their projects are varied and range from creating infrastructure for primary schools, sponsoring secondary school children and skilled workers such as Medics, teachers and accountants, funding teachers, borehole drilling and water provision, tree planting intiatives and wildlife conservation. Nick from Zambian Ground Handlers will be joining the walking team in the North Luangwa and Dani will be joining them in the final stages. The Honour Way team will also be walking a 10km stretch in the UK. We would love for you to join us and get a team together too.
Tongabezi and Tujatane School
Covid 19 has shaken local communities in Africa especially where tourism is the major employer. In the middle of March Tujatane School had to close its doors due to the pandemic. Home schooling began and worksheets were sent home to all students to keep their thirst for knowledge quenched and their minds active. Normally at school pupils would receive two meals a day, so during the Covid 19 crisis Tujatane has provided additional support to their pupils by distributing a 10kg bag of maize meal and dried beans to each of student and many of their ex-pupils that have moved on to secondary schools. Bars of soap have also been provided to help combat the spread of Covid as well as reaffirm hygiene protocols and the school’s amazing tailor, Michael, has been busy making 1,200 reusable cotton masks.
Kaya Mawa’s reforestation project on Likoma Island
In the absence of their lovely guests the team at Kaya Mawa have started a reforestation project on Likoma Island and work is well underway and they already have 7 nurseries! Green Safaris have begun another important project and that is the Covid-education and support systems. Likoma Island is incredibly isolated and getting access to reliable news can prove quite a challenge. The team at Kaya have begun to educate the local community about Covid-19 and how best to protect themselves and their families by explaining social distancing, isolation and simple affordable ways to maintain hygiene standards. They have also identified the oldest and most venerable in the local villages to ensure they have the understanding and the support that they need. Posters and flyers have been designed by the Green Safaris teams to circulate through villages, schools clinics, community spaces as well as shop owners at the local Nalusanga market.
Honour and Jo are happy to plan a training session over Zoom for team members looking to increase their product knowledge, or to re-train after a furlough break.