Treading lightly into 2021

Once again travel is frozen or limited for most of the world. We are left with little else to do but dream, not only about travelling again but of how the industry can adapt for the better in order to survive mass extinction. We are confident that the world of travel will bounce back and when it does it will be stronger and fitter than before. The pandemic has emphasised the important role it plays in the conservation of the world. Every cog of the travel process now has a responsibility on its shoulders to support sustainable and responsible operators and in turn raise the bar for those that have neglected its importance. Our clients have always had sustainability, responsibility and community at their core and although they might not have the volume of guests at the moment their work never stops.
Cottar’s has been a member of The Long Run Organisation since 2012. Working with The Long Run has enabled them to create a safari operation that is responsible and sustainable from both a conservation and a financial perspective. Over 7680 acres are preserved in the Olderkesi Conservancy making the conservancy a viable income for the the Maasai landowners. The Olderkesi Community Conservancy is born out of a new kind of responsible tourism that goes beyond profit and is singularly focused on securing the long term survival of Kenya’s incredible wildlife heritage by uplifting the livelihoods and development options of the Maasai landowners.


There are many more examples but here is a list of all of the exciting projects underway at Cottar’s and at Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust:


* The only all female ranger team in the Masai Mara.
* The only Vulture Conservation in the Masai Mara.
* Human-wildlife conflict resolution mechanisms in-place and ongoing.
* Aim for the Cottar’s 1920s Camp to be fully solar by the end of 2021.
* Cattle Control.
* 42 Women’s groups created.
* 800 children fed daily through the school feeding program.
* 8 classrooms built.
* Seed ball initiative.
* Member of The Long Run – business plan embodies the 4Cs Conservation, Community, Commerce and Conservation.
Treading lightly and the silent safari is a key element of a Green Safaris experience. Green Safaris have embraced the Green Tech available and have implemented it in their camps where possible.


* The First Electrical game vehicle – The E Landy.
* Eboats in the Kafue.
* EQuad bikes on Likoma Island.
* Solar farms to generate energy for the camps.


The Green Safaris Foundation has three main objectives; to support conservation of African wildlife particularly in the areas in which it operates; to improve the livelihood in the local communities and to help the local communities in dealing with the Covid 19 Crisis in terms of prevention, hygiene, safety and employment.


The Green Safaris Foundation has sponsored the following conservation initiatives and community projects:


* Game Rangers International Fire Fighting Unit to help control damaging wildfires in the Kafue.
* Hack the Poacher which is a scheme designed to monitor poaching in the Kafue to act as a deterrent and to help with law enforcing.
* Panthera Radio Network providing digital radio systems to improve anti-poaching in the Kafue
* The Zambian Carnivore Project in the Kafue National Park helps with the conservation of large carnivores.




* Ila Community Farm, Likoma Community Garden. and Tongabezi Organic Garden.
* Lukanga Community School.
* Tujatane Trust School.
* Mukuni Community support through funds raised by Livingstone Island.
* Reforestation programmes in Livingstone and on Likoma Island.
* Clean up projects around Livingstone and on Likoma Island.
* Covid Kindness initiatives including educational programmes, food distribution and building hand washing/ sanitation stations.
Zambian Ground Handlers are proud to support a number of key organisations which help to conserve and protect wildlife on the ground in Zambia, such as Conservation Lower Zambezi , Conservation South Luangwa, Musekese Conservation and Wildlife Crime Prevention. With more and more operators keen to support ethical safari operators, Zambian Ground Handlers has put together a conservation manual detailing all of the conservation efforts made by the key Zambian operators – Click on the following link to view – ZGH Conservation Manual.